• Dec 14th 6:00 pm - Registration / Networking
  • Dec 14th 7:00 pm - Startup Pitches

    Hear pitches from a fantastic lineup: Argineering / SmartBridge Health / NuForce / MathJab / The Pearl

  • Dec 14th 8:00 pm - Startup Workshop: Problem Analysis

    Creating a product does not make one a startup - it's an outcome. Discovering how to create a sustainable business model (aka repeatable sales) by becoming an expert in fixing customer problem(s) and having the agility and speed to do so is the beauty and strength of being a startup. Let's explore this in a mentor-led workshop. Session led by Lokesh Kumar | Urgently & Amu Fowler | Startups Ignite

  • Dec 14th 8:00 pm - Social / Networking

    Connect with the presenters, get advice from SI mentors, network.


// Presenting Startup

A website to help advanced math enthusiasts stay sharp by testing their skills and letting them stay “in math shape”

Presenting Startup in AI and Mathematics


// Presenting Startup

Helps small business manage backend office needs and integrates with your accounts, existing business model and allows higher level customization in order processing.

Presenting Startup in Enterprise Tech

The Pearl

// Presenting Startup

The Pearl, the electrical outlet for tomorrows connected home, bringing you real time and historic electrical consumption data. Enabling homeowners to control and make better decisions with their electricity & enabling homeowners to swap out outlets without the need to worry about wires and safety.

Presenting hardware/IOT startup

SmartBridge Health

// Presenting Startup

We challenge the notion that high-quality, accessible cancer care is either unachievable or prohibitively expensive. We’re working to prove that optimal cancer care is affordable and accessible to all. We offer a seamless experience that not only saves you time and money but also leads to better health outcomes and happier lives.

Presenting startup in Healthcare Tech


// Presenting Startup

Device customized for artists and designers to create interactive environments with an easy-to-use process, using both hardware and software.

Presenting Startup in IOT
Startup Pitches

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