Amu Fowler

Executive Director | Startups Ignite

I thrive on transformation. And the best form of transformation is from an idea in someone’s head to an amazing product. I love advising startup founders, and have had the pleasure of being involved in launching or scaling multiple successful startups. I always end up describing myself as a startup evangelist but I realized something more.
• I lead startup communities
• I am obsessed with scalable business models
• I love rolling up my sleeves up to help with:
o Value Propositions
o UX design
o Technical architecture
o Team building and all other aspects of a startup
• I love helping entrepreneurs envision their ideas & path to market
• I always ask the startups “why” & “why not”
• I direct a handful of startups at any given time to work on unique ways to bring their products to market.
Advising in areas of:
Business Models | Content Marketing | Customer Development | Digital and Product strategy | Emerging Startups | Executive Leadership | Executive/Operations Management | Incubators | Investor Strategy | Leadership Structure | Lean Product Development | Lean Startup | Organization and Team building | Pitch Preparation | Product Design | Product development | Product management and Delivery | Startup Strategy Development | Strategic Planning | User Experience | Value Proposition Design | Web Design |

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