Ganesh Tayi

CEO | BizBeacon

Ganesh is an entrepreneur, business coach, versatile leader and an angel investor in the technology industry. Ganesh has over 20 years of experience in technology industry and was responsible for driving over $1 billion revenue growth and triple-digit margin gains. Ganesh was a Vice President & GM at Motorola where he led Strategy, Operations and Sales for Motorola’s Global Push To Talk business with 8 wireless operators and distributors worldwide. Ganesh started BizBeacon to help entrepreneurs to scale their business and turn it into a hands-off source of free cash. He is also an advisor for LiftOff Health, the largest virtual global accelerator for healthcare innovation. Ganesh enjoys mentoring startups to create Strategic plan, define their Unique Selling Proposition, implement an effective Strategic marketing plan and build a robust Sales management system.
Advising in areas of:
Business Strategy | International Business | Marketing | Regulated Industries | Technology | Telecom |

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