J.J. Dacanay III

CEO / President | Ace Group Solutions Inc.

J.J. Dacanay III is the CEO/President of A.C.E. (Advanced Concepts and Engineering) Group solutions. J.J. was invited to the White House in 2012 to talk about the future of 4G and 5G networks /applications and invited again in 2013 to participate in the White House’s Open Data Initiative. He has been interviewed by Asian Fortune on his thoughts on the state of federal and commercial business growth (2012). J.J. delivered the second-largest Salesforce implementation for Time Warner Cable – Business Class, worked on hybrid terrestrial / satellite networks for Terrestar Networks, the European launch of the Xbox Live platform, and one the first live intercarrier SMS platform for DOVE soap’s Time Squarewrinkled or wonderful campaign.

Advising in areas of:
Business Administration | Enterprise Software | Executive Leadership | International Business | Product management and Delivery | Regulated Industries | Technology | Telecom |

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