Sara Capra

Co-founder, & Chief Commercial Officer

Sara Capra is Chief Commercial Officer, and co-founder of Orate, a market network that connects event organizers with the most relevant thought leaders. Starting as an idea to help fill last minute speaking cancellations, Orate has grown into a platform of over 2,000 speakers, that makes it easy for organizations to quickly find the right speaker for their events, on any size budget, at any point in the planning process.

An entrepreneur and advocate for helping individuals and organizations achieve their full potential, Sara previously worked in Global Partnerships at the United Nations Foundation, where she helped develop strategic partnerships and events for initiatives that support women and girls, global health, and more. Sara has planned and executed numerous events. With Orate as the conduit, Sara is passionate about helping to educate and inspire audiences through content and communication.
Advising in areas of:
Pitch Preparation |

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