The electric outlet of the future will have the ability to be connected and we can have real-time electric consumption a

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Provides Pakistani women with tech training, professional development and mentorship, thus carving a pathway to opportu

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A website to help advanced math enthusiasts stay sharp by testing their skills and letting them stay “in math shape

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Majis is an organization that creates innovative educational products and services to advance humanity. One product line

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A platform-as-a-services (PAAS) software company delivering personalized weather insights for better patient health.

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Sysenex Inc. is a systems engineering consulting firm that has developed it's first product, Program Risk ID. This SaaS

Laurie Wiggins | CEO and Founder   /   / 

WhispearringsTM are stylish earrings that "whisper" messages – reminders, affirmations, encouragement, coaching, inspi

Shelly Bechert | Founder   /   / 

DarwinBeats is the premier music sharing service for up-and-coming artists. Using an advanced algorithm that helps promo

Cou Kalantary | CEO Sepp Hedayat | CIO   /   / 

Vesca is pioneering an effective production method of commodities.

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Aplix Research Inc. is engaging in patent search and patent analysis business through its website

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Timebloqs is an app that helps you with Time Tracking & Time Blocking, the two habits that can change everything, se

Rafee Al-Mansur | CEO   /   / 

StitchFlow is a mobile app to create and share video tutorials on the fly and build workflows to facilitate action.

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