Develop my idea

Transform your passion into a solid business idea, through these strategies you will learn to Evaluate / Validate / Articulate your startup business.

  • Startup DNA

    Your Vision and Mission correlation with roadmap & resources

  • Unique Value Proposition

    Learn how to create, test, evaluate, and iterate your Lean business model starting with the Value Proposition Canvas.

  • Lean Business Model

    A Lean business model canvas is critical to the success of your startup. Why? Because your BMC will be your roadmap to startup success.

  • Customer Interviews

    Validation from your market on the problem you aim to solve for them

  • Data Driven Decisions

    Learning to extrapolate data points from your customer interviews & other research

  • Competitive Analysis

    Through this lively & interactive small group strategy session we will explore how you can discover your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • Elevator Pitch

    Articulate your business value in 60 seconds or less to customers or stakeholders

  • Marketing Deck

    Put together a presentation to articulate the benefits your startup provides