The Qualities we search for in a Venture Mentor in the Startups Ignite Community.

Venture mentors play a foundational role in helping startups make decisions and form their ventures. They are at the core of our programs and community. We look for the following qualities in mentors:


Our simple philosophy

A mentor espouses the 3 A’s : Approachable, Available and has strong Ability to Listen

  • They understand startups and have prior experience either founding or being an integral part of startups.
  • They are passionate about their profession and show it through progressive career growth and demonstrated ability to start-up and scale-up businesses.
  • Being a startup mentor is no easy feat, it takes the brightest minds, kindest hearts, a lot of experience to pull from, and at times tough conversations to play the role you must to support founding members. Hence to be a lead mentor we seek individuals with a demonstrated track record mentoring team members and startup founders.
  • We look for core Subject Matter expertise in one or more of these following areas – Strategy, Leadership, Technology, Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Finance, Industry verticals experience.
Engagement Models
  • Guest Mentors – pop in as an SME adhoc to events, sessions, and bootcamps
  • SME Mentors – Dedicated SME’s w/o startup founding experience to co-mentor, or teach a session.
  • Emerging Mentors – Training to take on the role of a Lead Mentor
  • Lead Mentors – Has war-time training in a startup, is engaged in our community and can pull in SME’s to help their mentee grow, knows the process and activities in our Accelerate24 program (Lean, BMC, Traction Framework, Agile), and has the time to dedicate to helping 1 or more startups wit their ventures on a 1 to 1 basis and 1 to many in sessions.
What it’s like to mentor in Startups Ignite:
  • Mentor a startup through one of the engagement models
  • Speak and share your expertise and/or lessons learned at events and programs
  • Participate in the Ask an Expert portion of our Accelerate24 sessions
  • Work with peers in a team for Advisory Committee sessions to help evaluate cohorts in the program
  • Teach one of the topics in our Accelerate24 program
  • Engage with other mentors at the Mentor Social
  • Stay in touch with the community through our community board
  • Connect with the Mentor Council for information and guidance

Venture Mentor Application Form

New Mentor Application

  • Please keep it brief [2 - 3 sentences] - this will be used on your website profile
What next?
  1. You will receive an email to schedule a call with our mentor administrator
  2. You will be invited to come our monthly program
  3. You will be invited to a shadow mentoring session
  4. Your profile will be reviewed by our mentorship council

Questions? Please feel free to contact us at