At the core of Startups Ignite are the Venture Mentors.

Venture-Mentors-Icon Our programs thrive with the support, contributions and dedication of these startup heroes who are the lifeline of our community and play a foundational role in helping startups make decisions and form their ventures.


  • Guest Mentors
    • Event based Mentors are pop-in basis endorsed by a Startups Ignite Venture Mentor Council Member & is approved for a single time mentoring activity.
    • Minimum commitment: 3 hours
    • Usually for the mentors who are in the application process.
  • Emerging Mentor
    • For new mentors who are looking to gain leadership skills & establish themselves as thought leaders.
    • Minimum commitment: 2 hours per month.
  • SI Venture Mentor
    • Council & peer approved mentors who can also be a lead mentor.
    • Minimum commitment: 4 hours monthly
  • Other roles:
    • Council member
    • Workshop mentor
    • Course mentor
    • Program panelist
    • Program Speaker

Complete application form

Venture Mentor Application Form

Basic Information
  • founded startupstartup executivesold or exitedserial entrepreneurother
  • 2 hours3 hours4 hoursUpon request
  • Event SpeakerCourse InstructorWorkshop CoachEvent PanelistCouncil MemberSponsorN/A


  1. You will receive an email to schedule a call with our mentor administrator
  2. You will be invited to come our monthly program
  3. You will be invited to a shadow mentoring session
  4. Your profile will be reviewed by our mentorship council

Questions? Please feel free to contact us at